Xu20 Mini Hifi Audio Decoder Amp Support Coaxial Spdif/Optical Input 6.35Mm Earphone Rca Audio Output Amplifier For Tv Dvd(Eu

Xu20 Mini Hifi Audio Decoder Amp Support Coaxial Spdif/Optical Input 6.35Mm Earphone Rca Audio Output Amplifier For Tv Dvd(Eu
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Configuration: Dual PCM1794A decoder chip. One chip is responsible for one channel, and the output dynamics is twice that of the independent chip.
1. Coaxial (maximum 24B 192K)
2. Optical fiber (maximum 24B 192K)
3.USB (SA9023 solution maximum 24B 96K free drive, XMOS program asynchronous maximum 24B 192K need to drive)
XMOS driver download address: http://yunpan.taobao.com/s/3RwwXZvDsi
Extract password: xTOZgn
4. Bluetooth 4.2 receives IIS high-speed communication bus,
5. U disk playback function, convenient and fast, plug in U disk can automatically play, support the latest APP phone selection song folder, support for the largest 32GU disk. Support for folder options. Power-off memory function, IIS high-speed communication bus.
APP name: Bluetooth companion. It can be downloaded from the mobile phone application market.
6. A 6.35 headphone output. (Support earplugs 8 ohms - 600 ohms, support headwear 12 ohms - 320 ohms. Explanation: 600 ohms can also be pushed by headphones. But the 320 ohms I mentioned here can be pushed. Not the sound can be heard) A set of dual RCA outputs, a balanced set of outputs.
7. Channel input has power-off memory function. It is not necessary to adjust the input channel again every time the power is turned on.
Accessories: power cord, USB cable. Antenna, remote control.
24B 192K sampling rate means: ordinary lossless sound source A 5-minute high-quality song is about 80M sampling rate is only 16B 44.1K, high-fidelity CD is only 16B 44.1K, and 24B 192K mastering level sampling rate The master tape resource saved by the direct studio source. A 5-minute song is about 600M, and the music details are preserved. Of course, this kind of sound source is almost very few, so the 24B 192K sampling rate can fully meet everyone\'s needs.
The principle of decoding work: the same is a 16B 44.1K sample rate song. Different decoded sounds are also different. The audio data stream enters the interior of the decoder chip. Through different internal algorithms of the decoding chip, the music details are restored to the greatest extent, and the sound characteristics of different decoding chips are output through the differential and amplifying circuits to achieve the purpose of improving the sound quality.


Summary: Playing HIFI is to play with electricity. . Therefore, the power supply is an extremely important basis for sound quality. No powerful power output, dynamic. Control, can not play. The sound quality is naturally one level worse. The sound seems to be thin and weak. The digital taste is heavy, which affects the sense of hearing.

The machine is powered by 2 ring cattle. A ring cow is 30W. Two 60Ws provide sufficient power supply. The actual work only reaches about 20W, which is higher than the power supply margin of 3 times. When the dynamic is large, the sound is not soft, the overall sound is elastic, and the ring cow has less magnetic leakage. Low frequency is powerful. The thick sound features, with the 1794 decoded sound transparent, is a relatively balanced sound quality output. The sound is round and full, and the voice is delicate and clear.
The power-on is integrated with a soft-controlled soft-start and filter circuit. This luxury power management solution is only configured on machines with a brand of 10,000 yuan. Also placed in D3.
A ring cow is responsible for the supply of pure digital circuits, and a ring cow is responsible for the pure analog circuit portion. The digital and analog are separated to minimize the interference of the digital part on the analog part, and the background is clean and noiseless.

The primary filter uses 6 German EPCOS audio dedicated capacitors. The second-level analog part uses the LM317, LM337 high-conversion rate power management chip. The second-level capacitor uses Panasonic gold-type capacitors, and the second-level digital part uses low-noise and high-current LM2596 series power chips. Provides a stable current output for the digital section. Maximize the jitter value to prevent popping.

The digital part adopts the AKM4118 receiving chip, which has a high-speed IIS output bus mode with 8 channels of input, and is enhanced with a unique phase locker. Make the digital signal more stable. An active crystal oscillator is used. Further improve the JITTER value jitter, make the details more clear, and minimize the problem of frame dropping. With the microprocessor to detect the signal. Each RCA and balanced output corresponds to an independent Japanese relay, further reducing the problem of switching track pops. And the popping problem caused by the switch.

On less than 200$ machines. We have added a balanced output device that is only available on the 2000$ machine. For the balance system that Lao Burn likes, it is definitely a big temptation. Balance the natural advantages of the system. In the case of the same level output. Balance has a larger dynamic, wider sound field. Close to 2 times the dynamics of the RCA output. It is a very effective interface to improve sound quality.
This unit is divided into a black chassis and a white chassis. According to everyone\'s requirements for different levels. Here are four models to meet everyone\'s needs. The main difference between the different versions is the difference between the op amp and the transformer (only the top is the British transformer. The first three configurations are domestic transformers)
For different tone requirements and collocations, it is hereby compared with a dozen or so different levels of op amps, and finally choose to improve the sound quality of the op amp match. Of course, the op amp design is plugged in and out, and everyone can choose their preferred op amp according to their own preferences and personal equipment.


The SA9023 USB sound card has 24B96K mastering level conversion capability, and is equipped with 4 classic bile OPA2604. The overall sound style is balanced and resistant. The voice is full and transparent. There is a kind of warm color of the amp, listening to the urgency, the sound is comfortable and natural.



XMOS USB sound card solution. With asynchronous 24B 192K sample rate capability. The op amp is paired with two OPA2604 and two gold-plated AMP9980 op amps. The sound is more delicate and transparent than the standard version. More details. The dynamic is bigger. The sound field is wider. The vocals are more mellow.