eBike Battery 48V 10Ah bafang Lithium Battery 48V 500W Electric Bike Battery pack with 54.6v 2A charger 15A BMS

eBike Battery 48V 10Ah bafang Lithium Battery 48V 500W Electric Bike Battery pack with 54.6v 2A charger 15A BMS
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Oписание продукта

The company has a group of professional engineering and technical team, using imported instruments and equipment for testing, quality assurance, safety and reliability.
Use 18650 lithium-ion battery production of lithium battery core of series, parallel, built-in protection board, the convenience for the customers.
May, in accordance with the requirements of customers special specifications of the battery pack, our all battery capacity to full capacity, dear friends can rest assured to buy and use.
The battery we are not the cheapest, but the quality is the best of the taobao! We only sell the best, the most value of goods, a man know his companion!
The buyers and sellers who take our goods that you have read the lithium electricity use safety requirements.
If you don\'t understand the safety of the lithium electricity use rules, please don\'t take the goods!
【 product parameters 】
Taken the battery model: 18650
Taken the single battery voltage: 3.7 V
Taken the single battery capacity: 2500 mah power 10 c discharge
Taken the combination: 10 string and 4
Taken the nominal voltage: 36 v input voltage: 42 v output voltage: 36-42 v
After u combined capacity: 10000 mah (10 ah)
Taken the battery pack size: 85 * 190 * 70 mm size (the default) 4 * 10
Taken the overall weight: 2 Kg
Taken the external packing: blue PVC
With protection circuit: have overcharge, discharge, over current, short circuit protection function!
If you have other need can contact with the owner, thank you all for the new old customer consultation.
【 the battery requirements 】 : this store distribution supporting charger!
1: need li-ion battery chargers for; Constant current constant voltage;
2: charging voltage: 42 v
3: charging current: 5 a or less
The battery discharge requirements 】 :
1: the output of 18 lines, 150 mm long, red and black one
2: the input leads to a line 2.1 socket, 150 mm long
3: the rated discharge current: 10 a or less
4: maximum instantaneous current: 40 a
5: maximum working current: 13 a
6: the product is a built-in battery, do 2 output wires, output input if there is any other requirement can contact the owner, the above parameters for the default delivery


Lithium battery maintenance and warning
1. Don\'t need to deliberately to ensure every time after the electricity charge again;
2. For a period of time (2 months) proposed can be used as a protection circuit under the control of deep inflation to correct battery power, but it won\'t improve your actual capacity of the battery.
3. Don\'t use the battery for a long time, should be kept in a cool place to weaken its internal own passivation reaction speed.
4. The protection circuit also unable to monitor the self-discharge of the battery, don\'t use the battery for a long time, should be filling the certain power in case in the storage battery self-discharge too much cause the damage of excessive discharge.
5. Do not open it, do not collision/extrusion by gravity.
6. It is forbidden to place for wet much water use.
7. Use in high temperature places.


Knowledge about the safe use of lithium-ion batteries


When we put the li-ion battery as a power source, there are many things worth we know well. Nothing is more important than security, whether it is what kind of battery we should be careful to look at them, because when they are in charge electricity when it is full of energy.

Lithium-ion battery has the highest energy density, and they also have many unique properties we need to do more to its special security concerns, before starting to explore other aspects of lithium electricity to understand these safety issues are very important.

In general if li-ion battery charger can calculate correctly grasp the composition of lithium battery Cell number (the article refers to a li-ion battery is made up of several single tiny lithium electricity), can adapt to the lithium ion battery (Li - ion) and polymer lithium battery (Li - Poly real) charge. Remember, don\'t use rechargeable nickel cadmium (Ni - Cd) and nickel metal hydride (Ni MH battery charger for lithium electricity! That is a very dangerous thing!!! For lithium battery is one of the most dangerous when using lithium electricity, when in li-ion battery charging please extreme attention to li-ion battery charging status, the correct charging voltage is very important! If the charger use undeserved, may cause the overcharge lithium battery and produce bang! Recent news reports for several fires are caused by a lithium-ion battery, so please in a responsible attitude for lithium battery charging.

Here are some of the lithium-ion batteries in charging and the guiding principles of use:

1, using a validated for the safe use of li-ion battery chargers for.


2, make sure you have the right to set the li-ion battery chargers for the voltage or the number of cell parameters above, if you don\'t know how to set, please go to buy a do you know how to set the li-ion battery charger, or don\'t use lithium electricity, in order to avoid explosion when charging.

3, charging of lithium electricity must be the presence of someone not in the presence of unmanned to charging of lithium electricity, once someone because of this reason to burning down the house with the car, remember to remember.

4, when charging, please prepare a suitable platform to place your charger and lithium electricity, to ensure that when the lithium electricity because of accidental explosion and fire will not cause serious damage and danger. To reserve a space fire prevention, fire control work.

5, please don\'t use more than charging current of battery capacity, otherwise the explosion and fire is most likely to occur.

If, in rechargeable lithium electricity when the expansion of the phenomenon, when it was in the fever, don\'t break it. The lithium battery in the salt water, cooling, after carefully peel off the skin peel and then put the battery back to the salt water, only after the defective lithium electricity safely into the trash can.

7, when lithium electricity suffered severe impact, perhaps the battery seems has no damage, but still want to be careful to let stand for lithium-ion batteries in a safe place for at least 20 minutes to make sure that the lithium electricity is there really no damaged without danger of explosion. In the model plane, in a number of fires example is the lithium electricity power plane after it broke machine, machine Lord put aircraft bodies in the car, and then has no damage but the actual internal seem to have damaged lithium-ion battery in the car exploded make the whole car, burn the light.

8, please open in ventilated place for li-ion battery charging, because if the lithium battery rupture with explosion happens, the dangerous and harmful smoke and material will be leaked out from the battery.

9, please fully understand the dangers of lithium battery, don\'t have a "I don\'t let failure, this will not happen to me", or maybe the next in the burning house or car to save his people is you, I\'m very attach importance to it.