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Novus Server: Low
Chip Wars: Empty
Sette Desert: Empty

Total Players Today: 311
Chipwar Winner: Cora

Accretian Chip HP: 100%
Bellato Chip HP: 0%
Cora Chip HP: 100%

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Novus Time03:11

Chipwar 12h : 48m
Chipwar 210h : 48m
Chipwar 318h : 48m

Exp Rate: 2000x
Drop Rate: 10x
Max Level: 250
Gold Cap: 2 Bill
Version: 3.1.5

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[Release] - Potion Shop Revamp
Posted on 14 Oct 2014 by [Developer] Outlaw
After careful consideration we have decided to redo our potion portion of the section which did include some potion removals and price changes.

Some new things were added were different category's such as single, double, triple and quad stat potions.

All the dual stat potions were revamped for example they will all last 300 seconds as single ones do and offer some crazy bonus's such as 70% / 70% attack defense or 70% attack and 2 Seconds off skill cool downs.

In the near future the Triple and Quad stat potions will be added which will offer more dmg defense, dodge, critical and plain and simple they will kick ass however prices will slowly increase and be tiered based on added stats.
[Notice] - New Content Distribution Network
Posted on 25 Sep 2014 by [Developer] Outlaw
We have introduced a new CDN to deliver the game files faster to those who use the quick easy setup method and also added multiple auth servers so there wont be any more (cant obtain settings problems) which prevent players from logging into the game.
[Notice] - VIP Jade vs EXP Bead
Posted on 07 Sep 2014 by [Event GM] Hellz Child
Attention players if you have purchased a VIP EXP jade from the website DO NOT LOOT the EXP
Beads that drop from monsters and from Pit Bosses. *Example* If a player has a 1000% VIP Jade from the website and they loot a 10% Increase EXP Bead from a monster or pit boss they will lose the 1000% VIP EXP increase and it will be replaced with the 10% EXP Bead increase.

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