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Novus Server: Low
Chip Wars: Empty
Sette Desert: Low

Total Players Today: 25
Chipwar Winner: None/Draw

Accretian Chip HP: 100%
Bellato Chip HP: 100%
Cora Chip HP: 100%

Novus Login online
Novus World online
Novus Voice online
Novus Cloud online

Novus Time14:24

Chipwar 116h : 35m
Chipwar 20h : 35m
Chipwar 38h : 35m

Exp Rate: 2000x
Drop Rate: 10x
Max Level: 250
Gold Cap: 2 Bill
Version: 3.1.5

New exciting features Giveaways, Lottery and Premium Services in our Account Mangement section.
Face off with friends to kill World Bosses, Raid Bosses and other forces of darkness.
Explore the World with Endless days of Content threw the Ascension System.
Recruit your friends to join the epic battles you and your friends both get free GP.

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[Notice] - Hardware Update
Posted on 01 Apr 2016 by [Developer] Outlaw
Thanks for everyone's patience during the 4-5 hour downtime we recently prepared some new equipment in to prepare for our new line upgrade services are restored and all accounts were credited 1000 GP. (It may take up to 24 hours for DNS Data to populate allowing you to play)

Our new network line will increase our speeds by over 200% making it way easier to download our game directly from us and still maintain great service levels in the mean time and overall network stability is expected to dramatically increase, The Speed upgrades will happen on April 6th and there is expected to be limited impact to service during the upgrade as most of the work was done today.
[Event] - Chooty Rampage
Posted on 04 Mar 2016 by [Developer] Outlaw
The Chootys are back for more and they have invaded the HQS for the next 24 hrs repel them and take their loot that they have stolen!
[Notice] - Service Interuption Compensation
Posted on 14 Feb 2016 by [Developer] Outlaw
Due to extreme weather conditions this caused a 3 Hour downtime and in return we are compensating all players 1000 GP per account thanks for your time and understanding.

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